In need of someone to take care of a large poly tanks and pipe welding project? We can help.

With all our own speciality equipment readily available in our Kalgoorlie-based workshop, we don’t have to fuss around trying to source the equipment needed to get the job done. We have everything on hand—including a diverse team of qualified and experienced personnel, we can get started as soon as you’re ready. We can help from the outset with design, attending the site to go over your basic requirements and to recommend the ideal pipe route and pumping locations.

Our crew will be on site prior to the commencement of any major works to assist and oversee the unloading of all pipes along the decided route. They’ll then get down to the business of welding the pipes and installing the poly tanks and pumps. Essentially, we’ll take care of every aspect of your pipeline project and oversee the entire process.

At ABBA Engineering, we’re in the business of making your life as easy as possible.

We take great care from the outset of a poly tank and pipe welding project to ensure every last detail has been planned out and all personnel know exactly what their task requirement is. As a Kalgoorlie based company with a team of local full-time staff and zero FIFO personnel, we offer an efficient and consistent approach that most other contractors can’t match. Better yet, we can mobilise our team to start a project immediately and have a dynamic team of specialised workers who can handle every aspect of the job.

Get your next pipeline project up and running today