We can help you to redesign or reengineer something to become more efficient and stop those reoccurring issues in their tracks.

As engineering designers with a wealth of industry skill and experience in various modalities, we can walk in, pinpoint your problem and develop a solution to fix it. No matter what the situation, how long you’ve been banging your head up against a brick wall or how many people have told you it’s impossible to do any other way—we’ll figure it out.

We have a dynamic team of specialists who understand each unique element of a mining site and can see how all the moving parts fit together. Our services encompass a comprehensive variety of each aspect of a mining project so we can conceptualise, design and implement solutions while managing a project from start to finish.

Draw on our engineering design expertise at the start of a project and prevent problems from arising down the track.

Consult with us from the get-go and ensure that every aspect of your project has been well thought out and designed for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We take a detailed and systematic approach to ensure we best understand your needs and guide you on what you can do to optimise your infrastructure.

Offering fabrication, dewatering, pump hire and labour hire, we can work with you on a project from conception to completion while supporting you with maintenance and repairs along the way.

Allow us to help you find the best way forward